Welcome to The Canary Wharf Health Club.

Now open to new members.

We offer a range of services and facilities for all, from those totally new to exercise to the dedicated athlete. The Canary Wharf Health Club aims to provide all of our users with realistic opportunities to enhance and support a healthy lifestyle. The Club aims to inspire and empower people to develop their energy, vitality and performance and to be passionate about enabling people to live happy, healthy and productive lives.


We are now open to new members.

Join Now! Canary Wharf Health Club is now fully open. What’s more for the first time in our long history on Canary Wharf, the club is exclusively available for corporate employee members based at any company in Canary Wharf…. Click here to find out more about our recent re-fit and fantastic new facilities. FREE 1 Day guest […]

  • workout Can exercise really be the best medicine?

    We all know that regular exercise is good for you, but new research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has found that in the case of some diseases, exercise can be more effective than certain medications. Researchers looked at results from nearly 340,000 patients who had already suffered from heart disease and stroke to […]

  • How Can Physiotherapy Help With Back Pain

    Around 80% of us will experience some kind of back pain in our lives. It can vary from the odd twinge to debilitating pain lasting years, but in almost all cases taking it easy is not the solution. Keeping active is often the best remedy, although you need to ensure that what you are doing […]

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